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With 10 or so people working for you,
in our world, the term small business
means an amazing business.

Small business IT support and consultancy? Let us transform your company.

If you have around 10 people working for you, then we can help to transform your business IT systems so that they are flexible and reliable. Having helped smaller companies since 1979 we know what works and matters:

  • IT has to be affordable
    Growing up shouldn’t mean slowing down. When you need more equipment (software, hardware, phones etc) we can help. Even it’s on a temporary basis.

    Which means headaches like too much licencing, for example, simply aren't a concern.

  • You need 100% confidence in your IT
    Getting to emails, files and data from anywhere is easy these days – but making sure it’s all synced, all of the time?

    That’s a bit harder. We take care of it with the Ashgoal Cloud. And you don’t need to worry; we always keep the costs down to earth.

  • It’s much easier, when it’s easy
    Backups can be a frustration and a concern. With Ashgoal’s IT support, your backups are automatically and fully checked – one copy with you, one copy securely held with us.

    And on the subject of security, we’ll be making sure the right people get to your data. Just them. Everyone else, we keep out with highly secure firewalls and encryption.

    Although it’s handy when your team brings in their own hand-held IT – phones, tablets, even laptops – we make sure they’re not taking anything away, too.

Ashgoal.Joined-up thinking IT – it just makes sense.

So you could have one supplier for broadband, another for hardware, someone else buying software and a support team that just ask for your account number... or you could have Ashgoal.

With one IT and telecoms supplier, there’s one phone call to make. When your IT support’s been around since 1979, you can be pretty sure you won’t get messed around. We know what’s what, we’ll never sell what you don’t need, and we’ll save you money on anything you buy too.

We work with some major players, Our Partners Include:

  • Microsoft Certified
  • Citrix partner
  • Sage
  • HP invent

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