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Expert consultancy for small businesses

We see small businesses as amazing clients and take pride in finding solutions for smaller companies with up to 20 employees.

If your team consists of approximately 10 individuals, we specialise in transforming your business IT systems to be both flexible and reliable. With a track record of assisting small companies since 1979, we possess insights into what works and truly matters in optimising your IT infrastructure.

If you’re a small business owner, get in touch to discuss how we can help.

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Affordable solutions

We help you upgrade and optimise your IT and telecoms with flexible, cost-effective solutions that develop as your business grows, whether that’s software or hardware even if your needs are temporary.

Satisfaction guaranteed

Our affordable Ashgoal Cloud solution gives you 100% confidence in your IT system, knowing your emails, files, and data are always synchronised and accessible from anywhere.

Keeping it simple

Our automated and thorough backup checks ensure the safety and integrity of your data, with unauthorised access controls ensuring only approved people have access, and robust firewalls and encryption adding extra protection. Even with personal IT devices, we ensure they don’t compromise data security.

Bringing everything together

We help you avoid having to juggle multiple suppliers for your IT needs, instead serving as your trusted partner for IT consultancy, sourcing, and supply. With a legacy dating back to 1979, our experienced support ensures you won't face unnecessary complexities, instead, you will benefit from tailored solutions which are straightforward and cost-effective.

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