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Our managed IT services allow your staff to focus on their objectives, while we manage and develop a trusted, reliable platform.

Managed IT Services and Outsourced IT

Utilising a managed or outsourced approach to IT brings significant benefits to an organisation. Rather than working on a reactive basis, we work with our managed IT services customers, to ensure their systems and infrastructure are a step ahead. A managed approach is an efficient way to stay up to date on technology, improve on scalability and reduce unnecessary costs.

Our fully managed IT service can be adapted to suit your business, typically when outsourcing to us a company will require an integrated solution that encompasses IT Support, Cloud provision, Document management, Connectivity and Security:

  • Systems & infrastructure management – Ensuring your mission critical hardware such as server and network equipment is able to need the needs of your business.
  • Services & application management – Including pro-active reviews, 24/7 monitoring and operating within resource thresholds.
  • Support – An exceptional service desk is key to a reliable platform, we provide superior support as standard.
  • Security – Pro-active security to protect your company against incidents of cybercrime, data loss and unauthorised access.

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Solutions based on the size and needs of your business

Ashgoal was established in 1979 and we have worked with organisations of all sizes. Our experience and knowledge has allowed us to develop solutions that are suitable for a broad range of companies, from small businesses to enterprise level organisations. We understand the challenges faced in growth and have the skillset to develop flexible IT solutions that adapt as your business changes.

  • Enterprise - Ashgoal has an exceptional record of helping Enterprise-sized organisations. Our bespoke IT solutions are backed by an exceptional three tier support team. MORE ON ENTERPRISE SOLUTIONS

  • Medium sized businesses - Our solutions allow for pro-active growth and integration across platforms, reducing frustration and keeping on-going costs within budget. MORE ON MEDIUM SIZED SOLUTIONS

  • Small businesses - The needs of a small business are unique, scalability needs to be both quick and flexible, plus costs need to be planned and managed well. MORE ON SMALL BUSINESS IT

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