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Ashgoal has an exceptional record of helping Enterprise-sized organisations to find the best IT solution at the right budget.

Enterprise IT solutions made easy

Ashgoal has an exceptional record of helping Enterprise-sized organisations to find not just the best IT solution, but the best IT solution at the right budget. Including training, seminars, 24/7 support and on-hand, one-to-one account management.

  • Management and storage of data
    Size is everything. Particularly in IT. Big and small, some businesses are still wedded to the idea of physical document storage. But that’s costly, in more ways than one.

    Every business using paperless systems realises multiple benefits. More efficiency, more connectivity and fewer trees being chopped down – which means more positive exposure in your Corporate Social Responsibility policy.

    However, there are still expenses involved: security, version control, management of collaboration processes... it does take experts to make it seamless and smooth.

    Happily, we’re on hand to implement fully audited software that can control and manage documents, data and access for you. Documents can be stored and retrieved easily; access is audited, so you know who’s using what, and version control is never a problem.

  • More people, more power to the people
    At Enterprise levels, you’re handling large numbers of people in your headcount, all with diverse IT needs. Connecting those people efficiently, whilst ensuring productivity, becomes paramount, especially if you’re working in an agile environment.

    Ashgoal can take on the planning for you, making sure your growth is never impeded by hardware or licencing commitments. Super-fast internet connections are one of our specialities, as are networks that can be rapidly deployed, letting your staff operate at full capacity, 365 days a year.

  • And reducing operating costs, of course.
    The bigger you are, the more we’d like to think we can help you save. Without making huge investments in ‘new’ IT infrastructure.

    All of our recommendations are independent – we don’t suggest upgrades, transitions, migration from one system to another or purchases for the sake of it. In fact, whether we’re trialling savings you’d make from moving local resources to the Ashgoal Cloud, or looking at hardware and licencing savings for temporary staff, everything we do is geared to help you get more value from your existing IT infrastructure. Every single day.

Ashgoal. Joined-up IT – it just makes sense.

Instead of having more than one supplier – choose Ashgoal. It’s that simple.

From business case scenarios to help you finance an update to your entire IT infrastructure, to tips and tricks over the phone from our friendly, three-tier IT helpdesk, we have the business knowledge to help your business make more of it's IT infrastructure.

With Ashgoal, you’ll have a relationship with the team that knows you, knows your business, and has the experience to proactively handle issues and progression.

We work with some major players, Our Partners Include:

  • Microsoft Certified
  • Citrix partner
  • Sage
  • HP invent

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