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A medium-sized, growing business needs an efficient and flexible IT infrastructure.

IT support for a growing business? No problem

We understand the different requirements medium-sized, growing businesses over a small company or enterprise. Your headcount could be 10 people, or 200 people – and that means you’re in need of very flexible support. We meet that challenge and provide superior support as standard.

  • Handling growth with kid gloves
    Too much investment, you’ll rock the boat. Not enough, you’ll sink the ship. We know that. We also understand the pain associated with investment in an IT network – and the costs that can spiral out of control, if you’re ‘getting everyone connected’ without a long term plan.

    That’s where Ashgoal comes in. Helping you to not just spend your budget, but also manage it carefully so you’re getting the most value from us.

  • Efficiency is great, effective efficiency is even better
    More people, more problems. That’s the unfortunate truth of accelerating growth – but the good news is, we can help you get control of your IT. With the right planning and approach it’s easily achieved.

    With the correct software and training, we’ll help you handle workloads, regulation, policies and processes.

  • Taking over the world is today’s challenge
    Okay, maybe not the whole world. But if your business is going places, then you’ll have changes to systems and procedures, data protection challenges and data centre issues to think about. Or you could call Ashgoal, and let us take care of it all for you.

Ashgoal.Joined-up IT – it just makes sense.

So you could have one supplier for your hardware, unexpected bills coming in for broadband usage, someone else buying software and invoices from who knows where for consultancy... or you can call us.

With Ashgoal, you know you’re getting through to a team that knows you, knows your business, and has the experience to handle any tech scenario. When your IT support’s been around since 1979, you can be pretty sure you won’t get messed around.

We work with some major players, Our Partners Include:

  • Microsoft Certified
  • Citrix partner
  • Sage
  • HP invent

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