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Sage One is a UK-based company which provides an array of accounting solutions to customers. Today, we're going to share some important information about the history of Sage accounts. By helping you to learn more about this established and reputable company, we hope you help you to decide whether or not their software programs are right for your company.

Whether you're a sole proprietor or the owner/manager of a larger firm, you'll find that Sage offers some impressive options for competitive prices.

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The Sage Group Owns Sage One

Sage Group is based in Britain, but does business in a variety of world nations. At present, the company's headquarters are located in Newcastle-upon-Tyne. Currently, this Group is the globe's third-biggest supplier of resource planning software for enterprises. SAP and Oracle take the number two and number one spots, respectively. Sage Group attracts over six million customers per year and it has branches in twenty-four nations.

The company was formed during 1981, by a group of three entrepreneurs. The company's activities focused on developing accounting and estimating software programs. The key market for these programs is small businesses.

During 1984, the company expanded by creating Sage software, which was designed to be operated on the word processor known as Amstrad PCW. Software sales grew steadily. The company began to trade publicly via the London Stock Exchange during 1989.

This Company Has Evolved

Today, the company is on the cutting-edge. It provides software solutions for account and estimating, "in the cloud". Small businesses may choose just the right services and then access them via Web connections. These cloud-based services make the cost of accounting and estimating software more affordable.

As well, they are very convenient to access and they allow users to enjoy 24/7 service, wherever they have access to Internet connections. Data security is a focus, so entrepreneurs may utilize these user-friendly and intuitive software programs with confidence.

Sage accounts has a strong and positive reputation. Small businesses rely on their professional accounting and estimating programs in order to access the accounting and estimating support that they need. These software products were developed in order to help small businesses grow and prosper. Proper accounting and estimating become simpler, faster tasks when they are performed on Sage accounts programs.

Now that you have the inside scoop on these programs, why not try them for yourself? They are available online for very reasonable prices.

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