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Sage 200 and Windows 8

With the release of Sage 200 version 2011 service pack 5, Sage 200 client software can now be used on the latest PC's and the Windows 8 operating system. Please note that it should be the Pro or Enterprise editions – Sage 200 is NOT supported for the Windows 8 RT edition.

Microsoft Office

The Sage 200 Suite is not supported on 64-bit editions of Microsoft Office or Microsoft Office 365.


Sage Payroll v19 RTI Edition is not currently supported. All other versions of Sage Payroll - Standard, Professional, and Bureau Editions – are supported up to v18.

Internet Explorer

Sage 200 also works with Microsoft Internet Explorer v7 through to v10.

Sage 200 Minimum Client PC Specification

  • 2.8GHz Pentium 4 or equivalent (e.g. Dual core 1.6GHz)
  • 1Gb free disk space on a minimum 7,200rpm SATA
  • 2Gb RAM memory
  • 100m/bit Ethernet network connection
  • 1024 x 768 minimum screen resolution
  • Regional settings as English (UK) or English (Ireland)

But, Client PCs on the Ashgoal IAAS Cloud might get you

  • 2.27GHz Quad core processors
  • Minimum 10Gb free disk space per user on a 10,000rpm SAS
  • Up to 7.8Gb RAM memory for each user
  • 1Gb Ethernet connection, with the cloud connection as good as your broadband – but then you are only communicating screen shots and keystrokes, not data
  • The same resolution as on your local PC
  • English (UK) regional settings
  • Available from anywhere with a secure internet connection
  • All data on your 'virtual' PC client backed up every 30 minutes
  • Microsoft Office 2010

For £299 per month for up to FIVE client PCs [Higher specification virtual clients available]

We work with some major players, Our Partners Include:

  • Microsoft Certified
  • Citrix partner
  • Sage
  • HP invent

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