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Non Geographical Numbers (NGN)

The Great Non Geographic Give Away, contact us to claim your FREE non geographic telephone numbers today!

Free Non Geographical number

For a limited time we are offering a free Non Geographic Number (NGN) to customers, contact us for more details.

Free NGN number - Contact us to claim

Why use a Non Geographic Telephone number?

  • Gain a stronger local or national presence
  • Save your customers money
  • Earn call revenue from inbound calls
  • Have a single number which covers several locations
  • A simple call handling solution
  • When moving premises no need to change contact number

With free set up and no monthly rental it's now even easier and cheaper to own a non geographic number. On top of this we give you a call handling solution so your NGN number diverts to whichever landline or mobile phone suits you best at any particular time.

0800 and 0808 numbers are non-geographic numbers which can be diverted to any other telephone number, from UK landlines and some mobile networks your customer is not charged for calling an 0800 number and is seen as a preferred number for advertising. Clam your free 0800 or 0808 number now.

0844 and 0845 numbers can be routed to many destinations, UK standard landline destinations are received free of charge to you. Your customer is charged for calling 0844 and 0845 numbers, however 0845 numbers are now often included in BT bundle packages.

03 numbers are non-geographic numbers specifically launched by Ofcom as an alternative to 08 business phone numbers (also known as ethical numbers). 0300 and 0330 numbers are charged at local rates so they cost the same a local 01 or 02 number to call and are included in most bundled minutes including mobiles. 01 and 02 numbers which are also known as ghost or local numbers are used to give you a presence in any area of the UK where you may not even have premises. Calls are diverted to a number of your choice and your customer will believe that they are calling a company based locally to them.

Inbound call options for Non geographic numbers includes: One to One, One to Many, One to Fax, Auto Attendant, Call Queuing, Time of Day Routing and Voicemail.

We work with some major players, Our Partners Include:

  • Microsoft Certified
  • Citrix partner
  • Sage
  • HP invent

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