The best new features of iOS 10

Apple has advertised the newest version of iOS, iOS 10, as the biggest release of all time – and so far most people are willing to agree with them!

An almost complete and total overhaul of the iOS source code right down to the studs, and the first large revamp since the iOS was completely remade in 2013 with iOS 7, iOS 10 has brought a number of game changing new features, new technologies, and new functionality to Apple iPhone, iPod, and iPad devices.

If you’re thinking about jumping on board with a new Apple device or upgrading your current Apple device to iOS 10 you’ll want to know about the biggest and best new features of this operating system.

We’ve put together a handful of the most impactful ones below!

Wake your phone by raising it

Most people have grown tired of having to press their home button, unlike the device with their fingerprints or pin code, and then swipe to open just to see that they are notifications – and iOS 10 results that issue completely.

Allowing these devices to wake up when the phones accelerometer determines that the device has been lifted up, you’ll now be able to see all of your notifications almost instantly without having to fiddle with unlocking your device.

More native widgets

It’s possible to completely customize your iOS experience with iOS 10 thanks to the introduction of Apple native widgets.

Much more powerful than app shortcuts, these widgets take up just about as much space but provide a lot of extra information and interactivity that aren’t possible with those shortcuts. Widgets can be placed anywhere on the Apple device screen, can be resized and reformatted to provide the information that you’re looking for, and can also pull information from third-party sources to make them even more effective.

It's possible to delete default applications

Even though the designers and developers behind Apple’s native applications definitely work overtime to produce top-tier services there is no getting around the fact that third-party developers provide cleaner and more complete solutions that most people would love to have replace default Apple services

Well, with iOS 10, that's now possible!

All standard and default applications from Apple can be deleted completely, not only removing their crippled functionality altogether but also opening up valuable storage space as well.

New messaging components

If you love to send out emjois to all of your friends when texting and messaging, or if you love to fire out the hottest GIF as it becomes available, you are really going to appreciate the new messaging overhauls that have been added to iOS 10.

Providing a full a reference library that is constantly updated with GIFs as well as a predictive text solution that instantly links emjois options that you can place into messages, it’s now a lot faster to send completely custom texts, emails, and other messages from your iOS 10 devices

At the end of the day, there are a lot of different mobile application overhauls and iOS features that have been added to Apple devices capable of running iOS 10. Upgrade this new operating system ASAP and experience firsthand what people are calling the biggest update to Apple operating systems in years!

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