A Brief History of The Internet

Humble Beginnings

The internet began in the United States, and was used as a tool during the Cold War. Before the internet became the staple resource to every individual that it is today, scientists used it for many years to transmit data to each other.
Fearing an attack from Soviet Russia that could potentially destroy the United States telecommunications, MIT scientists sought to invent a new form of communication. Preferably, one that would allow American leaders to transmit data easily and efficiently.

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Early Communications

With this goal in sight, the first message was successfully sent between two early computers located in Stanford and UCLA. The computers in those days, look nothing like the laptops we easily whisk around in briefcases and backpacks today. They were enormous- ranging at around 1800 square feet and weighing sometimes close to 50 tons.
As 1969 came to an end and gave way to a new decade, steadily more and more computers in different locations joined small networks. They were early pioneers in this groundbreaking experiment of data transmission.

Early Internet Heroes

Vinton Cerf, who is considered one of the fathers of the internet, played a key part in integrating various networks around the world. By doing so networks were expanded, and the few folks with access to the early internet could communicate from tremendous distances.
In 1991 Tim Berners-Lee, programed the World Wide Web. This would provide a more friendly way of surfing the web. Rather than existing simply as a research tool for professors and scientists, now the everyday person could search for information.

Early Search Engines

Shortly thereafter the first search engine, which later became Netscape, was developed. This would add another layer of user-friendly accessibility that the common man could grasp.
As both the tools to use the internet, and the internet itself expanded, it became apparent that this global system of information could be used for business ventures. Large and small businesses alike scrambled to create websites, that represented their services to people all around the world.

What we use as the internet today is a completely different animal than it was in its humble beginnings. Nevertheless, the internet still acts as a web, drawing communities together, as it did in its early days. Social networks didn't come to the scene until later on (1997). Even they were the primitive skeletal systems to the lavish social networks we all use and enjoy today.

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