European Commission Makes Plans to Offer Free Wi-Fi in Public Spaces

Wi-Fi allows people all over the world to connect to the Web without needing to spend their own money in order to do it. With this connectivity in mind, the European commission is considering a free Wi-Fi system for public areas in all member states. The system is designed to be complete and up and running by 2020.

An announcement of this new and exciting initiative was made by one of the EU's leaders, whose name is Jean-Claude Juncker. He made this announcement during his yearly state of the union speech.

Each city in the EU is expected to deploy a 5 gigabyte mobile network by the project deadline. Some people don't agree with the new plan. They feel that the public won't reap as many rewards from it as EU leaders think that it will. The key issue for detractors is that the EU failed to come through on a previous promise to stop roaming fees in the European Union.

Brexit May Keep the UK Out of the Loop

Due to Brexit, the United Kingdom may be excluded from this new initiative. According to Juncker, Web connectivity will be advantageous to all. It's about making the cost of going online more manageable for EU residents. Since digital technology is such an integral part of modern life, the EU wants to make it possible for people from every walk of life to get online, regardless of their income. Parks and villages will be equipped with Wi-Fi connectivity, as will squares, library facilities and other public structures.

The project is expected to cost about one hundred and twenty million dollars. Municipalities will need to cover expenses related to subscriptions, maintaining the system and so on.

While Europe is on shaky ground economically, it's expected the the cost of setting up and maintaining the network will be workable. In other words, municipalities and the EU should be able to handle the costs without any issue. While some are sceptical about the odds of the program being completed on time, as per project guidelines, the formal announcement shows that the EU is definitely serious about offering free Wi-Fi in public spaces. For this reason, we may anticipate action on this in the near future.

Public Wi-fi Enhances Safety and Access

Many people can't afford to access the Web from home and these lower-income EU citizens will probably benefit most from the "free Wi-Fi in public spaces" initiative. As well, public safety may improve, as people who are online in public areas will be able to report any security issues via their smart phones or other mobile devices. Public spaces, such as libraries, will likely have computers which the public may access in order to get online via Wi-Fi.

Now that you know more about this new and innovative European Commission plan, you'll be able to look forward to more free Wi-Fi services in EU countries by 2020. While the deadline may or may not be met, it's something that the EU is taking seriously.

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