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New earpiece technology translates foreign languages as spoken

The device called the Translate One2One earpiece, is worn on one ear and can instantly translate eight languages to the wearer.
Languages which can be translated include English, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Brazilian Portuguese and Chinese.
It was created by Australian company Lingmo International in order to prevent difficult meetings between leaders and business people from different countries.

It is said that it was inspired by translating gadgets described in science fiction books such as The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.

With the help of artificial intelligence language software made by IBM, the earpiece is able to translate sentences within three to five seconds.

The best feature of the device is that it doesn’t require a constant Internet connection, unlike similar devices previously on offer.

The downside is, in order to use the device, both speaker and listener have to wear one.

The product is currently available to buy and Lingmo have said that they plan to get them delivered during July.

Other technology companies, such as Waverly Labs, are in the process of developing similar translating earpieces as a way of helping holiday tourists.

Meanwhile Google have just updated their Google Translate app on both phone and web.
Previously the technology could only translate by single words or phrases whereas now it can translate a whole sentence together. This results in much more accurate grammar for users.


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