UK Experts are Questioning Government Data Security

In the United Kingdom, a governing body known as the National Audit Office drafted a document which attacked the government's digital security strategy. This report stipulated that the government's main departments didn't protect data security according to industry best practices. Currently, seventy-three teams and sixteen hundred staff members within the government are in charge of handling digital security.

Since so many people are involved with data security tasks, proper leadership is essential. When people aren't sure of guidelines and who to contact about following rules or reporting breaches of data security, problems arise. 

The truth is that many of these staff members don't know who to turn to in order to access support when it is needed, as it relates to digital security. Many departments seem to be rife with confusion regarding specific roles of particular positions and larger governmental bodies. This means that many people are not quite sure who is in charge of arbitration of standards.

In particular, the UK government's Cabinet Office is taking flak for failing to establish proper leadership in terms of digital security. A member of the Cabinet Office remarked that data security problems detailed in the reports were actually quite minor. However, this person did concede that new initiatives need to be taken in order to improve digital security matters from hereon in.

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With this in mind, the spokesperson talked about a recent government security review which agreed with the National Audit's Report findings in many respects. The Cabinet Office is committed to boosting data security by addressing oversights and breaches, via the concerted efforts of a group of nine different central teams. These teams are being integrated into just a couple of teams, with a mind to fostering more effective leadership.

Also, a trio of projects were previously created, which were designed to lower operating costs for data security operations. These teams are known as the Public Services Network, the Government Security Classifications system and the Foxhound. However, to date, big savings, which were anticipated due to these projects, have not materialised.

These reports/audits were important, as they did show gaps in digital security. It's vital that the UK government do better in terms of protecting data security. Hopefully, attempts to stop breaches or minimise them in the future will be successful. In the Internet Age, many risks and threats are digital and the protection of digital information should always be a top priority. This is why constructive criticism is so important.

Will New Initiatives Be Successful?

Only time will tell with regard to how successful these new team adjustments and processes will be. However, it's good to know that the government is listening and taking action. Many countries struggle to manage data security effectively. Governments handle tons of sensitive and non-sensitive digital information on a daily basis and many of them are ill-equipped to protect all information, due to lack of manpower, budget constraints and more. So, it is a challenging task and the government must be respected for attempting to do more in this vital area.

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