The Top Photocopier Brands of 2017

In Britain there are a range of photocopier producers which all provide a variety of options for you to choose from. Discover the best quality models below.

The seven most popular and successful photocopier producers in the UK are: Brother, Canon, Konica Minolta, Ricoh, Riso, Sharp and Xerox.

Factors to consider before you purchase:

What features it has

How much it costs

Number of copies per unit of toner or per minute

The one hundred year old company from Japan originally gained popularity through its sewing machines and dot matrix printers. Since then their product range has extended to various types of photocopiers as well as scanners, label machines and much more. Usually focussed for home and small business use, the majority of their products are budget friendly and value for money.

Another Japanese brand, most well-known for photo and video devices, is one of the best choices for photocopiers. They have maintained their position of market share leader in the photocopier market for over 25 years. Their photocopiers can provide the options of colour or black and white printing suitable to use at home or in the office.

Konica Minolta
Again originating from Japan, Konica Minolta is a company producing printers, lenses and other devices for use across many industries. A distinctive feature of their products is that all of them run through an open platform called Bizhub so that it is easier for customers to use when they get a new photocopier.

As world leaders in producing tech solutions for businesses, Sharp have photocopiers which have the biggest range of capabilities, making their products appropriate for businesses of any size. Their photocopiers can manage changing volumes, speeds and colour selections.

The UK division is based in Hertfordshire, offering the fastest inkjet printer on the planet. The company has a global setup with a head office in Japan.

Created in London, Ricoh have been making printers and copiers since 1980. Despite being one of the most recent companies in this list, all of their models provide much more advanced features, only found on high-budget devices.


As global specialists in new colour technology, American brand Xerox has the largest selection of colour photocopiers to choose from. Their products vary greatly in features and in price, meaning there will be a model to match your business needs.


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