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Instead of popping software onto a physical hard drive and hoping for the best, the Ashgoal Cloud lets you run it all over the internet.

Ashgoal - what is the Ashgoal Cloud?

In summary, it's a cost effective, secure and scalable way of running your IT systems that negates the need for traditional servers and local resources.

Instead of running local server applications and the associated costs, the Ashgoal Cloud lets you operate your business IT across the internet. The advantages? Dead simple:

  • Flexibility – Need more users added? Simple. Want to work from a different location? Simple.
  • Economies of scale – We can roll out more resource as and when you need it, meaning no wasted capacity.
  • Lower costs – None of the redundancy you get with servers not paying their way and you won;t need as much local management.
  • Higher productivity – We take care of the IT, so you can take care of business. Our pro-active approach means you can work at full speed.

Contact us today and we’ll show you how the Ashgoal Cloud can improve your cash flow. Or did we not mention, Ashgoal Cloud computing saves you money too?

Get your head into the Cloud

There are two more reasons why the Cloud is a must for businesses of all sizes - reliability and security. The Ashgoal Cloud will take care of not just your service, but all of your information too.

We’ll replicate your data securely across data centres and still give you one-to-one support.

Wherever your teams are, they can be sure of getting data to their desktops, day in, day out and a helping hand, whenever they need it.

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