Amazon Echo to arrive in the UK

Amazon's virtual assistant speakers are known as Echo speakers and they will soon be available in the United Kingdom. They will also be sold in Austria and Germany. Before this announcement was made, the speakers were available only in America. These speakers are special in that they are "smart" devices which may be controlled via voice. They are connective also, so they work with other devices which link with the Web. When you use Echo speakers, you'll be able to create shopping lists, access an array of online services, including Uber and Spotify, and get answers to questions that you might have. If you'd like to learn more speak to Ashgoal, a Hertfordshire IT company.

While the success of these speakers in America isn't phenomenal, they do appeal to certain customer's tastes and they will be marketed to the most tech-curious UK, German and Austrian consumers. Those who value smart accessories which turn homes into smart spaces are most likely to enjoy these speakers. However, detractors point to privacy issues, as these speakers may be classified as "listening" devices.

Details of the UK Echo Launch

Amazon released some information about Echo and its new availability in the UK and two other European nations. The speakers should be available for purchase at the end of September, 2016. Customers will need to spend between one hundred and forty-nine and one hundred and seventy-nine pounds in order to buy them. However, those who are members of the Amazon Prime program will be able to access short-term discounts, if they choose to sign on for pre-orders before the specified deadline.

While sales figures for these speakers are private, industry experts feel that over one and half million speakers have been sold to date, since fall of 2014, when they were made available for sale in the USA. Amazon may have taken their time bringing these speakers to Europe as the company needed time to ensure that the speakers could function in a range of languages. These speakers are expected to be competition for smartphones, TVs and home computer virtual assistants. Examples of rival products/programs include Siri by Apple, Cortana by Microsoft and Now by Google.

Are Echo Speakers Right for You?

If you want superb speakers from one of the world's biggest online retailers, and you're a resident of America, the UK, Germany or Austria, you should know that Amazon Echo speakers have a lot of impressive features. While there are privacy concerns, weighing the pros and cons should help you to decide whether or not they are right for you. These hands-free speakers may be controlled by voice and they may be linked with the Alexa Voice interface, which means that they will allow you to play songs and give you access to tons of information, including news, sports updates and more.

Technology changes so fast, which as a leading Hertfordshire IT company we know only too well. However, Amazon Echo speakers are already a proven quantity. This is why many UK and European customers may find them interesting and well worth buying. If you love reading news online, you should be hearing a lot more about these speakers prior to their European launch date, which is September 28th, 2016.

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