Get the Inside Scoop on the Hottest Events in London

London is one of the world's most vibrant cities. If you're going to be in London during March of 2017, you should definitely check out one or all of these upcoming events. Some of the hottest events in London for March 2017 are free, while others will require a cash outlay which shouldn't be too excessive.

Without further ado, let's look at what will be hot and happening in this world-class city next month...

Take In a Robot and AI Exhibit

Are you afraid that robots are going to take over? If you are, you're not alone. The British Academy is exploring this fear by offering the public access to a new exhibit known as Robotics, AI and Society. It's designed to help everyone understand how AI and artificial intelligence may revolutionize our world. As well, it focuses on changes to business practices which are taking place due to more advanced robots and AI. Attend this event at the Royal Society.

Enjoy an Exciting Women's Festival

The yearly WOW: Women of the World festival will dazzle in March of 2017! It's designed to celebrate girls and women via a host of discussions, debates and performances. As well, activists will be in attendance to get women involved and to get them inspired. This festival will also showcase the achievements of some very special females. The festival will be held at Southbank Center on the South Bank and it promises to be a great experience for everyone. Last year, acclaimed singer, Annie Lennox, made an appearance. This year, more female celebs are bound to be there!

Enjoy an India-themed Party Pod

Travel to Devonshire Square in order to enjoy an exciting party pod experience which will be brought to you by Cinnamon Kitchen. This event will be held on the seventh of March, in order to honor India's Festival of Colors. When you attend, you'll be able to don a protective suit and then pelt others who are wearing the same protective suits with lots of colorful paint. As well, you'll be able to enjoy exquisite and traditional Indian cuisine from Cinnamon Kitchen, which is a renowned London eatery.

Plan Your March Events Today

This just scratches the surface. However, these three events offer so much promise. With this in mind, why not add them to your itinerary for March 2017 today? When you do, you'll experience London at its most diverting.

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